Predicting labor demands, allocating people to meet those demands, and making real-time adjustments are all important aspects of employee scheduling. If you have an efficient staff scheduling process in place, you will be able to precisely track the hours your employees work. As a result, you will be able to finish your payroll more quickly and with fewer errors. A free weekly excel template for employee scheduling can definitely take you one step ahead in managing your staff schedules.

A well-planned duty roster will also help you ensure you always have enough staff on duty to guarantee the best customer experience. You can also avoid situations of over-staffing or under-staffing.

In this article, we will show you how you can make an employee schedule template in Excel and also show how you can save additional hours each week by making your employee scheduling process even easier.

Download Template

Getting Started

After downloading your free weekly excel template for employee scheduling, save it somewhere on your computer and open it. Once the file is open, click “Enable Editing” and “Enable Content,” located at the top of the document. If you want to make changes, you will need to enable editing, and if you want the total to be calculated, you will need to enable content.

How to Make a Schedule on Excel:

  • Adding details of the employees

    You can always add new rows to a template if you’ve already started scheduling and run out of space for your employees. As the “Hours” and “Pay” columns contain formulas, it’s preferable to choose an existing staff member’s row; right-click and select “Copy,” then select the row where you would like the new person to be inserted, right-click, and select “Insert Copied Cells.”

  • Add employee shifts and roles

    Shifts must be inserted in a clear and consistent style for Excel to comprehend them and calculate your totals appropriately, such as “9 am – 5 pm” or “9:00 – 17:00.” When totaling hours and money, shifts that cannot be translated will be omitted. When employees work two or more shifts each day, you can use a slash “/” to split the shifts or click “alt + enter” to start a new line.

  • Start adding schedules

    Select an employee from the drop-down and select their shifts on each day, now that you’ve added your personnel and shifts. Alter the start date at the top of the schedule to change the week.

Restaurant manager working on employee scheduling

Want to Make Scheduling Even More Easier?

You’ve come to the right place. Not everyone can handle Excel. Even if they can, it requires a massive chunk of time. An employee scheduling software like KNOW can help you automate this entire process and create work rosters in just a few clicks.  With KNOW’s mobile-friendly shift scheduling tool, you can assign shifts to your team directly from your mobile phone. You can even send automated notifications on shift timings and last-minute changes instantly.