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Never let a repair derail your business again!

Address faulty equipment promptly, never allowing repairs to wait too long. Report defects, broken facilities, IT problems, quality and safety concerns. Notify and resolve issues promptly.

Trusted by 1,000,000+ users and leading businesses across the globe
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Capture and act on all repairs and issues in real time

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    Empower everyone to report a repair or a problem instantly from their mobile phones
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    Capture descriptive photos, videos and custom information as required for each repair
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    Automatically alert / assign repairs to the relevant people for their instant action

Get repairs done FAST!

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    Real-time collaboration between outlets, maintenance staff, vendors etc. to avoid communication delays
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    Seek help or escalate in case of delays easily
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    Provide remote help for self-service troubleshooting via video / audio / PDF guides and manuals
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Extensive customizations to suit your needs

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    Set up your own categories and automatic alert mechanisms to track any and all issues - repairs, personnel, IT, facilities etc.
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    Capture as much or as little custom information for each repair to analyse trends, patterns, costs, losses, productivity etc.
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    Granularly control who can access and act upon what types of repairs to drive accountability across your organization

Insight-rich dashboards to highlight focus areas

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    Informative dashboards that synthesise all your data to highlight key insights
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    Quickly identify which equipment or which outlet or which system faces most issues
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    Analyse costs and losses to help you make negotiate better maintenance contracts, improve operating procedures, and choose best-value equipment models
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Seamless collaboration with vendors and suppliers

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    Simplify collaboration with vendors and suppliers by eliminating manual coordination work and unnecessary delays
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    Instantly generate comprehensive incident reports and seamlessly email them as PDF files to any third-party vendor
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    Enhance vendor communication and coordination by onboarding them onto the KNOW app and setting up automatic alerts

Why you will love KNOW

"KNOW App has been a convenient tool for our staff to file maintenance requests needed at the stores. We have a more organized way now to track outstanding matters and act on them effectively."

Director, Crystal Jade
GM, Crystal Jade

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