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Maintenance Management Software to help you modernize your operations

Manage and track all your tasks, checklists, audits, and updates from your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Report issues from the ground instantly and automatically alert just the right parties.

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Trusted by 1,000,000+ users and leading businesses across the globe
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Simple maintenance management software that captures issues in seconds

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    Hassle-free issue reporting from your fingertips
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    Capture an issue directly on your phone anywhere and anytime
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    Automatically alert the right people and send updates in real-time

Cloud-based maintenance management software that supports GPS location and media attachments

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    Report issues accurately with rich-media attachments
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    Easily attach images, videos, audio files, and GPS locations
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    Annotate attachments to help your team understand what’s going on
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Maintenance management software that automatically alerts the right parties

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    Organized issue reporting system with streamlined threads
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    Log an issue and automatically update the right people
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    Know who’s working on what with timestamps and names logged

Preventive maintenance management software that tracks progress in real-time

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    Log an issue and automatically update the right people
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    Track live progress of issue resolution
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    Avoid unnecessary delays and lag times
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Why you will love KNOW

"KNOW is a very useful app for daily operations. It helps in closing the communication gap between backend and frontend in order to expedite issue-solving. It has greatly improved our operations efficiency, productivity — and most importantly, the digitization of our processes."

Senior Operations Manager,
Franck Muller

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