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Incident Reporting Software to manage safety incidents in real-time

Switch to a digital incident reporting system for all your safety inspections, equipment fault management, and hazard management. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and noisy chat apps.

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Trusted by 1,000,000+ users and leading businesses across the globe
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Real-time incident management system with automated escalations and updates

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    Raise a safety issue in seconds and let the app do the rest
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    Snap a photo or video, tag the location, and create the issue
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    Automatic escalations and alerts will be triggered in real-time

Highly customizable incident reporting system for every type of issue

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    Escalate different issues to different people or departments
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    Customize data fields to collect issue-specific data when reporting
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    Track recurring issues to prevent them from happening again
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Reliable incident reporting with a dedicated dashboard

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    Track all issues from opening to closure on the web dashboard
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    Have a birds-eye view of issue status, severity levels
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    Track real-time progress across your entire organization — all at a glance

Share reports with third-party vendors easily without unnecessary delays

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    Remove manual coordination work and unnecessary lag-time
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    Instantly generate a report and email the PDF file to any third-party vendor
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    Onboard your vendors onto the app and set up automatic alerts for them
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Why you will love KNOW

"The issue reporting features are very useful. Information or notices can be sent to targeted individuals and groups. Our guys on the shop floor use KNOW to report potential safety matters or report issues with equipment for managers to take action."

Operations, TruMarine

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Question 1

What is an incident reporting software?

An incident reporting software like KNOW is a digital tool that enables organizations to effectively record and manage workplace incidents, accidents, and near-misses. It provides a structured approach for reporting, documenting, and analyzing incidents, with the goal of enhancing safety measures and preventing future occurrences.

Question 2

How can an incident reporting software benefit my organization?

Using an incident reporting software like KNOW offers several advantages for your organization:

  • Streamlined Reporting
    With KNOW, you can simplify the incident reporting process by providing a centralized platform for easy and efficient submission of incident reports.
  • Improved Documentation
    KNOW allows you to capture accurate and detailed incident information, including essential details such as the date, time, location, parties involved, witnesses, and comprehensive descriptions.
  • Enhanced Analysis
    With KNOW's robust data analysis capabilities, you can leverage the collected incident data to identify trends, root causes, and areas of concern. This enables your organization to take proactive measures and implement improvements to safety protocols.
  • Compliance and Reporting
    KNOW assists you in ensuring regulatory compliance by generating standardized reports and enabling timely submission to relevant authorities if required.
  • Workflow Automation
    With KNOW, you can automate workflows, assign tasks, track their progress, and facilitate timely follow-up actions. This streamlines the incident resolution process within your organization.
  • Real-time Notifications
    You can receive instant notifications whenever new incident reports are submitted on KNOW. This feature enables designated personnel or stakeholders to promptly address and respond to incidents
Question 3

What types of incidents can be reported using an incident reporting software?

KNOW can effectively handle various types of incidents, including workplace accidents, property damage incidents, near-miss incidents, safety hazards or risks, environmental incidents, security incidents, health and wellness concerns, and equipment malfunctions or failures. The flexible nature of KNOW allows customization to capture specific incident types relevant to your organization.

Question 4

Can I track the status and progress of reported incidents on KNOW?

Absolutely! On KNOW, you can view the current status of each incident, monitor assigned tasks, track deadlines, and receive updates on the progress of incident investigations or resolutions.

Question 5

Is incident reporting software suitable for organizations of all sizes?

KNOW is designed to cater to organizations of all sizes. Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, KNOW provides a centralized and efficient method for managing incidents. It helps streamline reporting processes, improve data accuracy, and enhance safety measures, regardless of the size or complexity of your organization.