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Incident Reporting Software App FAQ

Efficiently Report and Manage Incidents for Improved Safety.
Question 1

Can KNOW be accessed from mobile devices?

KNOW's incident reporting software is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing easy access from smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices. This enables you to report incidents on the go and access incident-related information whenever and wherever you need it.

Question 2

Is it possible to customize the incident reporting forms on KNOW?

Absolutely! You can add or modify fields, including drop-down menus, checkboxes, or attachments to capture relevant information. This customization ensures that the incident reporting forms align with your organization's unique incident reporting requirements

Question 3

Does KNOW's incident reporting tool have a notification system?

KNOW's incident reporting tool is equipped with an automated notification feature that ensures timely alerts to the designated individuals or teams whenever a new incident report is submitted. This functionality enables prompt attention and facilitates efficient response and resolution of incidents.

Question 4

Can an incident reporting software help with incident investigation and analysis?

KNOW provides a systematic way to store and track incident data, making it easier to conduct thorough investigations. The reporting and analysis features in KNOW help identify root causes, contributing factors, and patterns, enabling organizations to develop effective preventive measures. By analyzing incident data, organizations can improve safety protocols, implement corrective actions, and prevent future incidents.

Question 5

Can KNOW generate real-time incident notifications for key stakeholders?

Absolutely! KNOW can automatically send notifications to key stakeholders, such as managers, supervisors, or safety officers, when incidents are reported or when there are updates or changes to an incident. This feature ensures that relevant individuals are promptly informed, enabling swift actions and effective incident response.

Question 5

Can KNOW capture multimedia evidence for reported incidents?

KNOW enables users to attach various forms of multimedia evidence, including photos, videos, audio recordings, and more, to incident reports. This allows you to include visual and audio evidence to provide more context and details about the incident. By adding multimedia evidence, you can improve the accuracy and completeness of your incident reports, leading to better investigations and understanding of the incidents.

Question 5

Does KNOW's incident reporting software provide data export capabilities?

Certainly! Users can conveniently export incident data and reports in popular formats such as Excel and PDF. This functionality empowers organizations to perform in-depth analysis, share relevant information with stakeholders, and integrate the data with other reporting systems. The ability to export data from KNOW enables comprehensive reporting and analysis, extending the value of the captured incident data beyond the software itself.

Question 5

Does KNOW support real-time collaboration and communication?

Collaboration is a breeze with KNOW. Users can collaborate on incident reports, add comments, and engage in discussions within the platform. This fosters effective communication between stakeholders, enabling prompt sharing of information, updates, and coordination during incident management processes.