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Manage and track your regular COVID swab testing (FET / RRT) of your employees digitally

Get rid of WhatsApp and complex Excel sheets. Capture swab testing records digitally. Get automated alerts when a staff is overdue for testing. Stay compliant at all times.

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Collect all swab test results from your staff

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    Supervisor or staff self-reporting option
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    Collect data from anywhere
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    Important data doesn't go on WhatsApp or get lost

Track all the records with our dashboard

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    See who has been tested, who is overdue for testing
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    Make sure your records are all up to date
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    Generate reports easily
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Get automated alerts & reminders

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    Manage daily, weekly and monthly staff testing reports like clockwork
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    Receive automated alerts directly
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    Use filters and search features to immediately highlight due dates

We kept it super simple. We know your pain.

"KNOW has made managing and tracking staff FET testing logs simple and easy. No more relying on manual paperwork and forms! We can check live status on the dashboard and ensure compliance at all times."

Operations manager, F&B client

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