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Learning Management System FAQ

Enhance Training and Education with an Intuitive Learning Management System.
Question 1

Can employees access learning materials and courses on KNOW from mobile devices?

KNOW is designed to be fully accessible on mobile devices, allowing employees to conveniently access learning materials, courses, and assessments anytime and anywhere. Whether using the mobile app or the responsive web interface, employees can engage in flexible and self-paced learning experiences while on the go.

Question 2

Is it possible to create and assign custom learning paths or training programs with KNOW?

Certainly! KNOW provides the flexibility to create and assign custom learning paths or training programs. This empowers organizations to design personalized learning journeys that address the unique needs of different job roles, departments, or skill development programs. By tailoring the learning experience, organizations can ensure maximum relevance and impact for their employees.

Question 3

How can KNOW assist with certifications and compliance training?

With KNOW, you can easily set up certification programs, track employee progress, and generate certificates upon completion. Additionally, the platform offers tracking and reporting functionalities to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and maintain compliance across your organization.

Question 4

Does KNOW make learning interactive and engaging?

Absolutely! KNOW is all about creating engaging learning experiences. It supports gamification elements like badges, leaderboards, rewards, and interactive quizzes. Furthermore, you can incorporate simulations and discussions to make the learning process more immersive and enjoyable. With KNOW, you can truly bring learning to life.

Question 5

Does KNOW provide analytics and insights on learner performance and training effectiveness?

KNOW goes beyond just tracking progress. It offers detailed analytics and insights on learner performance and training effectiveness. You can access comprehensive reports on completion rates, assessment scores, progress trends, and other key metrics. These valuable insights enable you to evaluate the impact of your training initiatives and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Question 5

Does KNOW support multiple languages for a distributed workforce?

Absolutely! KNOW is designed to support organizations with diverse workforces. It offers full multilingual support, allowing you to provide training materials and content in multiple languages. This ensures that all employees can access and engage with the training content effectively, regardless of their language preferences.

Question 5

Can we migrate our existing training content and materials to KNOW?

You can easily import and upload your existing content, such as presentations, documents, videos, and SCORM packages, into the platform. This allows you to leverage your existing training assets and seamlessly transition to KNOW's LMS for centralized management and delivery of training content.

Question 5

Is it possible to automate and schedule course assignments or reminders with KNOW?

Yes, indeed! KNOW simplifies course management by allowing you to automate course assignments and set up reminders. You can create automated workflows based on predefined criteria to assign courses to employees. Additionally, you can schedule reminders to ensure timely completion of training activities, keeping everyone on track and engaged.

Question 5

Does KNOW offer role-based access and permissions for administrators, managers, and learners?

Absolutely! KNOW provides role-based access and permissions to ensure proper control and security. Administrators, managers, and learners are assigned specific roles within the platform, granting them access to relevant features, content, and administrative functions based on their responsibilities. This way, everyone gets the right level of access they need.

Question 5

Does KNOW provide customer support and training resources?

Certainly! We offer personalized onboarding assistance and easy-to-follow tutorials. Our dedicated customer support team is always available to help with any questions or issues you may have. We're here to ensure your experience with our LMS is smooth and successful.