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Employee Scheduling Software App FAQ

Simplify and Streamline Your Workforce Management.
Question 1

Is KNOW's shift scheduling tool easy to learn and use for someone transitioning from Excel sheets?

Absolutely! KNOW's shift scheduling tool is specifically designed to be intuitive and easy to learn, making the transition seamless for Excel users. Whether you have limited experience with scheduling tools or not, you'll find KNOW straightforward to use. Additionally, KNOW offers excellent customer support and provides training resources to assist you in smoothly transitioning from paper or Excel to the shift scheduling app. With KNOW, you'll have all the assistance you need to effectively utilize its scheduling capabilities and make a successful switch.

Question 2

How does KNOW handle scheduling conflicts?

KNOW identifies scheduling conflicts, such as overlapping shifts or double-booked employees, and provides real-time alerts to managers. It offers automated conflict resolution suggestions and allows managers to manually resolve conflicts by adjusting shifts or reassigning employees.

Question 3

Can KNOW handle multiple locations outlets?

You can easily manage schedules for each location or branch without any hassle. Whether you want to handle schedules separately for each location or coordinate them together, KNOW offers the flexibility to meet your needs. It also provides features for centralized management, making it convenient to oversee and coordinate scheduling across all locations. With KNOW, you can have a clear view of scheduling data for all your outlets, helping you make informed decisions effortlessly.

Question 4

How can employee availability and time-off requests be managed on KNOW?

KNOW provides a range of features to effectively manage employee availability and time-off requests. Employees have the ability to set their availability, submit time-off requests, and manage their preferences directly within the app. Managers can conveniently review and approve these requests within KNOW. KNOW can also automate the scheduling process based on employee availability and granted time-off, ensuring optimal scheduling and reducing the administrative burden. With KNOW, managing employee availability and time-off requests becomes streamlined and efficient for both employees and managers.

Question 5

How does KNOW handle shift swaps or employee substitutions?

KNOW simplifies the process of shift swaps and employee substitutions through its user-friendly app. Employees can easily request shift swaps or offer their shifts for others to pick up directly within the app. KNOW then notifies eligible employees, giving them the option to accept or decline the swap. Managers can conveniently review and approve these requests within KNOW, ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining optimal staffing levels.

Question 5

Can KNOW generate reports and provide analytics on scheduling efficiency?

Absolutely! KNOW offers powerful reporting and analytics features that enable you to generate detailed reports on scheduling efficiency. With these features, you can gain valuable insights into your workforce management, allowing you to make informed decisions to optimize schedules and improve overall performance.

Question 5

Is KNOW customizable to our specific needs and workflows?

KNOW is designed to be highly customizable, providing you with the flexibility to adapt it to your unique needs and workflows. You can easily configure shifts, roles, and rules according to your specific requirements, allowing for personalized scheduling. This includes creating custom shift templates, defining unique roles and permissions, and implementing business-specific rules.

Question 5

Does KNOW provide customer support and training resources?

Certainly! KNOW offers comprehensive customer support and training resources to ensure users have a smooth experience. From onboarding assistance and tutorials to knowledge bases and video guides, KNOW provides the necessary resources to support users in effectively using the platform.