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Digital Forms Software App FAQ

Digitize and Automate Your Form Processes with Ease.
Question 1

Can I access and manage digital forms using mobile devices?

Absolutely! KNOW is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing you to access, complete, and manage digital forms using smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices. This flexibility enables easy and convenient form submission and management on the go.

Question 2

Can I track the progress and status of submitted digital forms?

With KNOW, you have comprehensive tracking and monitoring capabilities for submitted digital forms. You can effortlessly track the progress of forms, view their current status, and access submission timestamps. This valuable visibility ensures that you stay informed and have full control over the form completion process, enabling effective management and timely follow-up.

Question 3

Does KNOW support offline functionality?

Definitely! KNOW has you covered when it comes to offline functionality. You can effortlessly complete and submit digital forms even without an internet connection. Once your device is back online, the data is automatically synced and updated in the system, keeping everything up to date.

Question 4

Can I generate reports and analytics based on the data captured through digital forms?

Absolutely! With KNOW's powerful reporting and analytics capabilities, you can unleash the power of your captured data. Generate insightful reports that highlight trends, patterns, and key metrics, empowering you to monitor performance, identify improvement areas, and make data-driven decisions that propel your organization forward.

Question 5

Can KNOW's digital forms software handle complex forms and workflows?

KNOW is specifically designed to handle complex forms and workflows. With KNOW's powerful features, you can create multi-stage forms with conditional logic, implement approval workflows, and utilize advanced form validations. This level of flexibility allows you to customize forms according to the specific needs of your organization's intricate processes. Whether you require multi-level approvals or advanced data validation, KNOW has the capabilities to meet your requirements.

Question 5

Can I collaborate with team members or external stakeholders using KNOW?

Collaboration is made easy with KNOW. You can seamlessly share forms with your team members or external stakeholders, enabling efficient collaboration, feedback sharing, and contributions to the form completion process. This fosters effective communication and teamwork within your organization, streamlining your workflow.

Question 5

Does KNOW offer data validation and error checking?

Absolutely! KNOW has robust data validation and error checking features in place. You can set required fields, enforce specific data formats, and validate inputs to ensure the accuracy and integrity of your captured data. These advanced features significantly reduce errors and enhance the overall quality and reliability of your data.

Question 5

Can I automate notifications and reminders using KNOW?

You can easily set up automated notifications to be sent to designated individuals or groups when forms are submitted or specific actions are required. This feature helps you stay on top of your processes, ensuring timely follow-ups and enhancing overall efficiency.

Question 5

Can I export the data captured through KNOW?

You got it! KNOW allows you to export the data you've captured. You can export form responses in formats such as Excel and PDF, enabling seamless analysis and further processing of the data. This flexibility also ensures easy integration with other tools or systems you may be using, providing you with greater flexibility in managing your data.

Question 5

Does KNOW provide customer support and training?

Certainly! KNOW provides comprehensive customer support and training resources. You can access tutorials, video guides, and other helpful resources to get started with the software and maximize its potential. If you have any inquiries or issues, our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you every step of the way.