How KNOW has helped in connecting on-the-ground staff with central teams without any additional investment in infrastructure or capital expense

A leading player with nearly 500 staff entirely digitized its employee experience with KNOW. From communication and attendance to task management, KNOW’s easy-to-use mobile technology seamlessly connected the top-floor to the shop-floor.


Before this digital transformation, the retailer faced multiple challenges.

With staff spread out across floors in multiple outlets, communicating important messages and policies, especially in times of COVID was extremely difficult. Their main source of communication was WhatsApp, notice boards, and department meetings. Most often, this led to mixed messages being sent out and confusion among the staff on what had to be done.

Another big challenge was their attendance system. Staff had to wait in long queues to clock in and out on the biometric device every day. Manual process of rostering, which involved using excel, pen and paper, often resulted in errors like overlapping shifts and overtime working hours.

Collecting all manners of information from the ground was also manual, and reporting impossible. Even simple tasks like daily staff health declarations were tedious.


KNOW has created a completely “contact-less” solution where everything is just a click of a button, and right at hand on the mobile.

Painless Rostering and Attendance

With KNOW, managers can plan their shift schedules and create their work roster completely digitally. No longer do they need to share roster table photos on WhatsApp. Staff get notified about their shifts and even reminded well before the right time to avoid no-shows or late arrivals.

Last-minute staff changes are also published instantly, and another staff member can pick up the shift by just pressing a button.

In the KNOW world, there are no queues to mark attendance. Staff just walk-in to the store and their attendance is automatically captured through their smartphone using geo-location, and in-store proximity. No contact, and fully safe-distanced. Customized attendance reports are also available on the dashboard anytime.

Web dashboard*


Mobile app*


Get rid of all sorts of paper

Staff no longer rely on WhatsApp to send and receive daily sales information. KNOW Forms allows digital submission of various data like daily sales and footfall, store opening/closing checklists, COVID-related health declarations, and all other Forms they used on paper earlier.

With KNOW, they’re always audit compliant, and never have to search around for data that’s lost in the chaos of paper and WhatsApp messages.

Mobile app*



Managers use KNOW to communicate important announcements to all their staff without physical meetings. For every message sent out, management gets trackable results – who has read the message or not and even ask for explicit acknowledgments for important policies and compliance.

Mobile app*

*Screenshots shown are for illustration purpose only. Customer information is confidential. 


“I like the simplicity of KNOW. All information is readily available at my fingertips and there is no need to submit paper forms back to HQ every day and spend hours on other manual processes.”

– Ground Staff


“We use KNOW as our own intranet to manage all aspects of communication and operations, across departments like operations, marketing, and HR. Thanks to KNOW, we now have total transparency between management and staff on the ground.”


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