Tens of thousands of users use KNOW App Singapore today to connect with their frontline teams to make them more productive and happy. Technology is rapidly transforming blue-collar work, and KNOW is at the forefront of this revolution. Here are five reasons why Know will supercharge your teams and your company.

  1. Bring your frontline teams closer to management

    Your last mile team is often the most important – they face your customers all day and essentially bring in the money! Putting Know App Singapore in their hands gives you a secure, channel to instantly share alerts, announcements, company/product news, and more. It doesn’t matter how many workers you have, where they are, they are all instantly connected to the company. This not only brings everyone on the same page but also makes them feel an integral part of the organization.

  2. Kill paper, manual processes and even specialized hardware

    Many organizations still rely on paper-based processes, manual interventions, and clunky software for managing frontline staff. Everyone has at least a basic Android phone now, so there’s a huge opportunity to supercharge this. Know is one app that has a ton of features – distribute and track tasks in real-time, collect data from the field instantly, manage time and attendance without hardware, share bite-sized alerts/announcements that actually get consumed, and much more.

  3. Upskill your workers regularly, achieve better outcomes for your customers and your company

    Today, there are typically 3 ways to train frontline staff: (1) bring them into a training center (2) manual training down the chain of command or (3) email them or send them to boring long online training. All of which have huge problems. Research shows that 80% of content is forgotten within a couple of weeks, the content is rarely updated regularly, and pulling staff from the frontline means lost productivity. KNOW App Singapore has micro-learning that allows you to share engaging short video, audio, infographics, GIFs and bite-sized text that your frontline workers can consume whenever they have time, or even repeatedly. The short content means they can use idle time more productively (e.g., between serving customers), and the content is also easily kept current.

  4. Don’t spend one dollar on IT capital, running costs, or costly upgrades – you get to eat and keep your cake

    Never again pay for software you never end up using. High capital costs are the bane of many industries and completely unnecessary. With KNOW App Singapore, you pay a small subscription per month, and you continue to get updated software for free. You don’t need an IT team — everything is managed on the cloud and by us, and if you don’t like it, you stop. No wasted cost anywhere.

  5. Simple – 10 minutes to launch. No fuss, no hassle. Your life is complicated enough already.

    Finally, you have better things to do than spend a long time on IT launches. You have a business to run. We understand it completely. Know can be launched in 10 minutes flat. You sign up, and you’re ready to go before your tea is ready. You just have to get the list of people you want to supercharge ready. We manage and automate everything. After it’s set up you have full control and don’t have to wait for an “IT Specialist” to be ready to talk to you. This is 2017, we don’t think you should put up with that. We certainly don’t.

So there you go. Join the tens of thousands of other users who are already loving it on Know. We are happy to help you get started – just write to us at hello@knownuggets.com or request a demo here.


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