Case Study: How HSL transformed their COVID-19 management (and more) using easy-to-use frontline workforce technology.

Business continuity, crisis management and employee safety have become extremely important for companies reopening in the wake of COVID-19. For construction firms, the challenges are twofold – while taking steps to keep their frontline workers safe, construction firms at the same time also have to keep their sites operational and productive. As businesses shift their operations to a more digitized world to cope with the changing times, the fact remains that the construction industry is among the least digitized.

Singapore-based HSL, an infrastructure construction company delivering water and marine projects in Asia, has been a forerunner in developing a multifaceted approach to their COVID-19 response strategy. HSL’s CEO, Charles Quek, accelerated their shift to digital transformation, taking swift and necessary action for compliance and the wellbeing of their employees.

KNOW is proud to be a partner in HSL’s digital journey, and here’s how HSL uses KNOW’s easy-to-use mobile technology to solve critical challenges:

Safety Training

HSL uses KNOW’s Learning module to share bite-sized training material through the mobile app for easy and anytime consumption. Whether it be “mask policy”, “hand washing” or job safety training, opting for bite-sized modules instead of lengthy presentations helps workers learn at a comfortable pace anytime, anywhere.. None of us have the patience to sit through long and boring presentations anymore – neither do construction workers! The material can also be reinforced regularly using the KNOW app. HSL also tracks personnel learning journeys online instantly using KNOW’s ready data-rich reports.. 

Daily Temperature Check

HSL uses KNOW’S Polls module to run daily temperature checks. All employees get a reminder through the app to submit their temperate reading everyday at 0800hrs.

Monitoring e-Forms & Checklists

HSL employs KNOW’S e-Forms module for instant data collection and reporting. For example, forms for contact tracing and monitoring staff health were set up  on the KNOW platform immediately after the initial news of COVID-19. All employees submit their latest health status every week. All visitors are required to declare health history on KNOW’s e-Forms prior to entering the site premises. All the submitted data are instantly available in the form of on-demand downloadable reports in multiple formats.

Instant issue tracking

On their regular safety rounds, HSL’s safety team members use KNOW’S Issue Reporting module to report problems from the ground with photos, videos, and documents. Concerned teams are automatically alerted and are brought together on KNOW’s mobile app for real time collaboration on each identified problem.. The identified issues are regularly updated and closed in real-time through the app.

Crew Tracking

Bluetooth beacons are installed throughout the project site to monitor attendance and whereabouts of the workers through the KNOW app in their mobiles. This, combined with KNOW’S Time module, shows the real-time movement of the workforce across the site, allowing supervisors to re-allocate resources as needed, avoid crowding, and even ensure workforce safety. After re-opening post COVID-19, this will be used to track and enforce social distancing on the premises. 


Through their efforts, HSL has successfully ensured better safety, effective risk management and enhanced their productivity.

Infographic - Impact of KNOW on HSL's effective safety & risk management and enhanced productivity.