I was running late to work today and the minute I reached the lobby it was terribly busy. Guest waiting around with their luggage, bell boys running in and out with their trollies stacked with luggage, and a long queue waiting at the reception to check-in. I forgot today was the day the 100-room business convention group is checking in. Well, I get into work as usual with a smile, ready to greet meet, and assist, grabbing and tagging guest bags, moving my way helpfully across the lobby.

I am eager to attend the daily briefing. Today’s briefing would be exceptionally important, I need to know the flow of events for this group. But due to the rush, I cannot attend the briefing, my team of bellboy colleagues is too busy. So I go off to a room to get some luggage down, and then back up to another room to deliver more luggage for a guest who just checked in.

This sort of day is what I like to call a ‘phone and run day’. Your phone keeps ringing as calls flow in one after the other with different guest requests and you spend the day running from one task to another. I show up at a room to collect luggage to assist a guest with his departure, to find my colleague already waiting there. We exchange a look, which we know means that a panicking receptionist double-assigned this task.

how does a hotel earn its 5-star

The hotel I work for is a 150-room hotel situated in the central business district of the city, so it’s busy most of the time. I am not complaining, in my opinion, I would rather be busy than be free. I am walking a guest up to his room with his luggage, making small talk, and trying to earn my tip. Suddenly the guest asks me the venue for this evening’s event, it’s somewhere in the hotel, but I don’t know, he shrugs and hands me a meager tip. Great, if only I had a way to stay better informed.

Improving your team’s communication

On so many days, the hotel’s frontline employees such as bellboys, doormen, valets, and other support staff feel out of the loop. These employees silently perform their tasks as expected with extreme pride and valor, and often represent the finest elements of a hotel’s offering. Yet often miscommunication, inadequate communication, and lack of time resources hinder these essential employees from carrying out their tasks to their maximum efficiency.

KNOW is a simple solution to this problem to improve operational abilities. In this technological age, every person carries a smartphone and is willing to download applications to make their life easier.

‘KNOW’ does this and much more. Compatible with every smartphone, of any generation and category, this application allows blue-collar employees to feel connected to the organization they represent.

KNOW allows task management, training, internal essential communication, and data collection for service improvement. Easy to set up, easy to learn, and easy to use, KNOW can streamline and automate your communication channels allowing you to focus on creating those wow moments for your guests. So, let’s exceed all guest expectations, lets ‘Get KNOW App’.


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