AsterSpring is a professional skin health management chain based in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong. AsterSpring employs over 300 professional skincare therapists, with over 70 outlets spread across the region. Now, it is transforming its operations and communications with KNOW’S mobile productivity platform. AsterSpring has increased its productivity with KNOW’S easy-to-use mobile technology. Here’s how:


During the 2020 Circuit Breaker in Singapore, one of the challenges faced by AsterSpring was to continue offering safe and personalized skin health solutions to their customers, contactless, through one-to-one virtual consultations and home care regimens. As most of their staff were operating remotely, AsterSpring had to find a hassle-free solution to deliver real-time instructions and training to their staff.


AsterSpring improved its productivity and enhanced its approach to Learning & Development by employing KNOW’s Learning module to upskill its staff with enriching bite-sized training material.

  • Based on their individual schedules, staff can access training materials at any time and place on their mobile devices
  • AsterSpring continues to keep its staff engaged with training on new products and safety measures
  • AsterSpring also uses bite-sized assessments to test their staff’s product knowledge 
  • With KNOW’s readily available data-rich reports, AsterSpring tracks personnel learning journeys online instantly


KNOW has been instrumental in modernizing and evolving our business to address the challenges faced by our operations team. The team has been very supportive and patient in coaching our staff during this transition!

– Joanne See, General Manager, Esthetics International Group, Singapore