KNOW app has been selected to be a part of Telstra’s Startup Accelerator in Singapore, muru-D (over 200 companies applied for a spot). This is a fantastic validation of the power of our product and the impact we are currently having and will continue to have over the next several years!

We’re thankful to all our existing customers and over 30,000 users already on the platform.

Click here for the full blurb of the announcement.

Talk to us to know more about how we can improve the way you work.

KNOW is a simple solution to this problem to improve operational abilities. In this technological age, every person carries a smartphone and is willing to download applications to make their life easier.

KNOW does this and much more. Compatible with every smartphone, of any generation and category, this application allows blue-collar employees to feel connected to the organization they represent.

KNOW allows task management, training, internal essential communication, and data collection for service improvement. Easy to set up, easy to learn, and easy to use, KNOW can streamline and automate your communication channels allowing you to focus on creating those wow moments for your guests. So, let’s exceed all guest expectations, lets get KNOW App.

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